Chapter 1

Francine was awake.

She wasn’t sure how – only that a strangled voice at the back of her mind was telling her to take it slowly. Verrrry slowly.

She unglued an eye.

Ouch! Too bright. She closed it again.

OK, how bad was it?

Long seconds ticked by and she lay very still, but there appeared no splitting headache. No unbearable nausea or strange bodily pain. With an unattractive sucking sound, she unpeeled her tongue from her palate. It was dry. Very dry. The word ‘birdcage’ came to mind.

Man, and she wasn’t even going to drink.

But what a night! Results were in on Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Survey and the YES’s had won! Woohoo! She couldn’t be happier for her LGBTQI friends. So, of course she had celebrated. Of course she had! Along with the rest of her proud and now progressive nation. But, with work and stuff the next day, she had decided – originally at least – to drive to the party and stay off the sauce.


Ah, but the champagne was flowing and the people were dancing and, let’s face it, no one knows how to party like the gay community. Love and happiness unleashed with abandon and, after such a long wait, the crowd was glorious with relief.

She chewing-gum opened her other eye. Easy. Eeeeaasy. Wait…

She seemed to be able to move.

Stretching her arm, she reached for the water bottle on her bedside table. She brought the sacred liquid to her lips and drank long and deeply. Ahhhhhh, she then rolled back on the pillows, exhausted.

Time passed but, thanks to the water, she began to collect her faculties and life slowly pixeled into focus. What time was it? How soon could she drink coffee? No. Forget that. How soon could she eat bacon? Mmmmm… bacon…

Uh oh.

It also appeared she was not alone. A mammalian warmth emanated from her left side, along with some soft breathing. Someone was in her bed! OMG! WTF?!

Francine drank more water, steeled herself, then turned her addled head…


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